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  1. RealMoney Simple banking for the global economy
  2. We dreamed of a world with better, faster more convenient, less costly payment options that is simple to use and highly accessible for everyone.

  3. RealMoney fights traditional banks moving money the old way - what is wasting time and money. So, we set out to invent a beautifully simple solution.

  4. RealMoney Service business that is able to offer Money Transfer & Foreign Currency exchange services we have launched to the public with a huge following from our previous endeavors. We have built a strong team to provide you with the best customer experience you can find in the financial services landscape. 

  5. RealMoney available in  28 currencies around the world.

  6. RealMoney enables global ecommerce by making payments possible across different locations, currencies, and languages.

  7. Located in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Now we have 5614 users, but soon there will be more.


We Can Develop Your Dream

  • Low Transaction Fees
  • Multiple Currency
  • Currency Transaction
  • Currency Transaction Log
  • Online Shopping
  • API Payment
  • Crypto Supported
  • And Much More

How The System Works

Our system enables you to use 3 key mechanisms to send, receive and exchange money in any country in the world.


With RealMoney, payments are sent in a few moments. Every eligible transaction is protected by advanced encryption and 24/7 fraud monitoring. It's nice to pay this way.


No cash, no cheques. Anybody can send you money from their RealMoney balance. Your request is simply send to account number and paid just as simply.


Exchange money quickly in 28 major currencies of the world importantly with low interest rates and without need becomes a long line.

Our Services

Convenient services for any user.

Money Transaction

Any of your operations are stored in the system and available at any time.

Money Exchange

Exchange money quickly in 6 major currencies with low interest rates.

Online Shopping

Our system is seamlessly integrated into your services, enabling your customers to quickly execute transactions.

Crypto Supported

In our system it is possible to deposit money with the most popular cryptocurrencies.

Who makes us strong

Meet Our Teammates

Andro Mir

Andro Mir


Keti Mir

Keti Mir

Chief Operating Officer

Johnny Kvezereli

Johnny Kvezereli


Why Choose Us

Low fees, fast and easy service, international scale, secure system and more.

Low Fees

Lowest rates among similar services on the international market.

Multiple Currency

There are 6 types of currencies in our system.

API Ready

API support for any online store.


Google Two Factor Authenticator is integrated into the system to make your account more secure.


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International standards, currencies and services.

What Users Say About Us

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We are online!
04 Apr, 2020

We are online!

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