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  1. The administration as well as specially appointed moderators monitor the fulfillment of the requirements of the rules.
  2. The administration hopes that you will abide by all the rules as expected and will not violate them.
  3. The administration reserves the right not to warn users about the measures taken in violation of the rules.
  4. Also, the administration advises to read “FAQ

General rules for users of the site RealMoney.Me

1. User registration
  • The fact of registration on the site is a recognition of the current rules.
  • After registration, fill out your profile.
  • When registering, it is prohibited to use site addresses, meaningless and insignificant phrases, obscene words and expressions, as well as words and phrases that violate the norms of ethics and morality. Such profiles will be deleted without warning. As a login, you can use your real name - this is your complete right.
  • Multiple registration of accounts by one user is prohibited, regardless of the purposes for which such registration is carried out. When revealing the facts of conducting multiple registration of accounts, all of them will be blocked, and the user will be denied access, regardless of his personality and position.
  • It is forbidden to register accounts that are similar to those already existing to the extent that could mislead other users. In case of revealing the fact of registration of such an account, the administration has the right to delete the user's registration account without prior notice.

2. The order of conduct on the site
  • Publication of links to other sites is permissible only provided that the page located at the specified address is directly related to the topic, is given as an illustration of the statement made by the author of the message. For links published by the authors, their authors are solely responsible. It is advisable to provide direct links (to a file or other information), if possible.
  • You are obliged to respect the interlocutor, correct (literate) and intelligible statement of thoughts and facts. A small number of errors (typos) in the text are allowed (after all, we are all human), but it is not worth writing consciously an excessive amount of grammatical errors and slang words.
  • Do not pay attention to the outcasts, “trolls” and other brutal personalities. Do not tease and do not subordinate them - the lack of attention immediately negates the discussion. You should not answer them with the same coin, even if you think that you have been insulted, click on the “Spam” button. The site administration will deal with the offender.

3. It is prohibited to place messages in any modules of the site containing
  • Appeals for violation of the current legislation, statements of a racist nature, incitement of ethnic hatred and all other things that are subject to the laws of Israel or international law.
  • Rough, obscene expressions and insults in any form (flame) are messages that are rough in tone and contain “assaults” on individuals.
  • Senseless or insignificant information that does not carry a semantic load - idle chatter (flood).
  • False information, slander.
  • Frank advertising content, including asking “Visit / rate my site”.
  • The message should not consist only of emoticons, as well as expressions of the type “yes”, “no”, “wow” and others that do not carry meaning. Learn to express your thoughts correctly so that the reader can understand its meaning.
  • Discussion and expression of their dissatisfaction with the actions of the site administration, as well as clarification of any circumstances. For this there is “Privat”.

4. About changing user rating
  • Rating authoritative reviews on the site is used to adequately assess the specific users of the site and their actions on the site.
  • When changing the authority in the comments to the assessment, it is necessary to indicate an adequate reason for the rating change.
  • It is forbidden to change the credibility rating of users without an adequate reason, “just like that”.
  • It is strictly forbidden to change the rating (in particular - to lower it) in response to the rating. If you do not agree with the assessment - contact the Administration. No need to revenge. Vengeful and inadequate people are not welcomed by the administration and will be punished to the fullest extent.

5. About advertising
  • The title of the link is prohibited to use any non-normative and abusive words.
  • The link URL should not direct any content directly to download.
  • When placing advertising links, the use of obscene language, obscene expressions, “thieves” speech turns, as well as requests, appeals to users or calls for violation of the current legislation is prohibited.
  • Links to sites with alarmas or porn are prohibited.
  • Signatures to the link prohibit the use of phrases that mislead users of the site. The signature must be transparent and correspond to the content of the page to which the link leads.

  • Ignorance of the rules does not exempt from liability for their violation.
  • If the user neglects these rules, his account is blocked.
  • If the user systematically ignores the warnings of the administration, then his account can be deleted.
  • All materials and messages posted on the site reflect solely the opinions of their authors, the administration of the site does not give any guarantees, express or implied, that they are complete, useful or true.
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